Three things

One: The Onion’s Our Dumb World should be the first thing you buy when you stop reading this post. It is, miraculously, just as good as Our Dumb Century, which probably had as much to do with the development of my world view and sense of humor as anything else.

Two: this is now my life…

Three: did Tebow deserve it? Ontologically speaking, boobies. Err, yes.


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3 responses to “Three things

  1. BeauDemon

    Thanks for the pic. In my fantasies, Tebow will now be holding something a lot sexier than a Heisman. OK – marginally sexier.

  2. beast in 'bama

    So… how you coming on that novel you’re working on?

  3. Tebow’s girlfriend isn’t as hot as Allison Stokke.

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