If it had been anyone else…

I would’ve said, “What the hell are you doing you stupid bastard? Just run in and flip the ball to the ref and let’s get a touchback,” except with a lot more fucks and shits.

Instead I said, “YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEAGGH!!! Fucking shit yeah!”

He did get knocked over after sticking the landing, but whatever: SportsCenter Top 10.


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6 responses to “If it had been anyone else…

  1. Exactly.

    I had plenty of “fucks” and “shits” for Doug Flutie and the sanctimonious bullshit he left us with at the end of the first half. He clearly knew nothing about Desmond.

  2. I would have agree with you on that one. Definitely top ten.

  3. It was great. But, it would have been better against LSU.

    yojoe Fight On!

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  6. Tristan

    Dude? Where are you? There’s a gang of stuff to be writing about these days, and it’s sure been quite a comical vacuum without your 2-cents.

    There’s the OJ Mayo thing.
    The USC/UCLA basketball game.
    The Bush/Lake scandal.

    It sure is a tame-USC-sportsworld without you.

    To be sure, I went over to the mGo-blog to vote for the CFB awards/nominations. . . .AND I PUT YOU DOWN (nominated) FOR A COUPLE OF THEM!

    Jon- I just found your blog this past Sept 2007- and I’ve been a better man for it. (I have you down as of the funniest, photo’ed, and new blogs- in case you’re wondering.

    The nominations page for the College Football Blogger Awards are at:


    Oh, and hey- HAPPY NEW YEAR! (I’ve been traveling a lot this new year, and forgot to send you my salutations.)

    Later li’l tater!

    Fight On!

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