Les Miles parachutes into Pakistan at request of Bush, U.N.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – After four days of martial law and nearly eight years under former President Pervez Musharraf, the Republic of Pakistan was restored to order by LSU (8-1, 5-1 SEC West) head coach Les Miles, who parachuted into the Muslim country in a daring pre-dawn raid.

“People of Pakistan, you are free!” Miles shouted from the highest step of the Pakistani House of Parliament.

They were the first six words the enigmatic coach had spoken since agreeing to liberate the embattled country at the request of U.S. President George W. Bush and the United Nations Security Council just 32 hours before.

“He’s a man of few words,” said Bush. “In that respects, he’s a lot like me. We’re both doers, not speakers. And he did.”


Musharraf declared a state of emergency on Nov. 3, placing Pakistani Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry under house arrest and demanding that the rest of the justices swear an oath of allegiance to him. This was followed by an announcement that the general elections scheduled for January would be postponed indefinitely. Musharraf then said that the elections would only be “delayed”.

The former President and Army Chief of Staff was supposed to relinquish power this year, which may have prompted him to plunge his country into the chaos of martial law.

“It was an outrage. Pakistan was one of the better examples of how democracy and Islam could work in the same country, and Musharraf tore their laws to shreds and made a mockery of the stability of secular rule,” said Mississippi head coach Ed Orgeron.

“He even compared himself to Abraham Lincoln: ‘Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, Lincoln did what he had to do to save the Union and America, etc.’ I have studied Lincoln for nearly twenty years, sir, and you are no Abraham Lincoln.”

Continued Orgeron: “Now Les Miles. You could make an argument about that. Both Lincoln and Miles like big hats perched high on their head, so there is a precedent.”

Eyewitnesses report that Miles parachuted directly onto Musharraf’s motorcade as it left the former President’s residence. The one time Michigan offensive lineman appeared to be holding a hand grenade “in his mouth” said taxi driver Mehmood Khan, who watched from a boarded up residence in the heart of the Pakistani capital.

“[Miles] landed on the President’s car and shattered the driver’s window with his bare hand. Then he dropped the grenade in and leapt off the car, which was on a bridge above the Soan River. I don’t know how the American survived,” said Khan.

Reports of explosions, lightning quick attacks and Pakistani soldiers found tied up in trip wire began flooding in from all over the capital shortly after Musharraf’s body was found. The leaderless army was quickly brought to heel by numerous notes written in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, and apparently left by Miles.

One such note was translated as saying, “Do you really wanna know what I’ll do if I’m pissed off?”

The Pakistani army stationed in Islamabad deposited its guns and ammunition in front of the empty Supreme Court at 2:30 p.m., and soon after that soldiers stationed throughout the various provinces of Pakistan followed suit and disarmed themselves.

“Simply remarkable. I haven’t seen such audacity since the Auburn game. Or maybe the Florida game,” said CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour.

“I believe Tennyson once wrote that the truly heroic, despite their frailties, were meant ‘to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.’ He might well have added that a huge pair of balls is also a necessary component to a mighty constitution,” she added.

Many Tiger fans were unsurprised that Miles would agree to such a daring operation, noting that the third year coach was known as something of a gambler. The victory seemed somewhat bittersweet for some, though, as they were left wondering what would happen next.

Asked current LSU political science sophomore Lydia Bauteaux: “Democracy, elections, that’s all great stuff for Pakistan and whatever. But is he gonna leave us to coach Michigan?”


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7 responses to “Les Miles parachutes into Pakistan at request of Bush, U.N.

  1. Your Friend William

    Great article…the only thing missing was a reference to Benazir Bhutto, perhaps comparing her to Bo Pelini. But that is a feature that is sadly lacking in most articles.

    Anyway, good luck with that negative checking balance. Did you know that Columbia has the worst football team in the Ivy league? Did you know that Dartmouth was even in the Ivy League? Well now you know both, as Dartmouth recently whupped us something fierce.

  2. I’ve already covered Bhutto. Besides, while it seems likely that her return helped nudge Musharraf into meltdown mode, we don’t know that for sure – and the last thing I’d want to do is bring hearsay and conjecture to a fake news thingie.

    Also, yes, I am aware that Dartmouth’s in the Ivy League. I still don’t understand why you decided Columbia was better than both Harvard and the Big House. The only important criterion for law school is obviously the dominance of the football program.

  3. Kate

    Whoa is that just the pic or is Les Miles actually a semi-blondie? I have to say I have never seen that man’s hair, only that indestructible white cap pulled low over his brows.

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  5. Tristan

    Aung Sang Siu Chi (ok ok, so I don’t know the correct spelling of her name! sounds like a tight-fit in the random lyrics of a Kraftwerk no. .anyway SHE’S THE MYANMAR – can’t spell that either! D’oh . .ACTIVIST) and Benazir Bhutto (who cares at this point, spelling-wise) are ACTUALLY female despots-in-training. No need to be propogatin’ and/or perpatratin’ anythang wit regards to their shenanigans! A kind nudge Larry Flynt’s way as far as salacious pictorals would be cool though! Got any pull?

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