Not to pile on or anything…

That’s Desmond Reed. He’s running past Notre Dame/Green Bay safety Tom Zbikowski, on the same field where he injured his leg in 2005. If this picture looks eerily similar to the (former) banner picture, think nothing of it except this: it holds almost exactly the same kind of emotional significance for me, which is to say a lot. I dunno how long I’ll keep this as the banner. Probably for just a few days/weeks/months/years, depending on my mood.

Thanks for the ticket, by the way. Sweet ass seats!

[Photo courtesy of Joe Andras of]


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2 responses to “Not to pile on or anything…

  1. Please let ND give Weiss another 10-year extension. He was good with Brady as his QB, but Tedy Ruxpin could run a great offense with Brady.

    yojoe Fight On!

  2. dave

    first time on this blog but long time notre dame hater. check this out for a great laugh.

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