Blogpoll week 10? I seriously need to find out what week it is.

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 4
2 Ohio State
3 Oregon 5
4 Boston College
5 Kansas 7
6 Arizona State 3
7 Oklahoma 4
8 Missouri 7
9 Florida 9
10 South Florida 9
11 West Virginia 5
12 Virginia Tech 1
13 Southern Cal 11
14 South Carolina 8
15 Kentucky 4
16 Boise State 2
17 Michigan 5
18 Alabama 8
19 Rutgers 7
20 Virginia 5
21 California 14
22 Penn State 4
23 Hawaii 4
24 Connecticut 2
25 UCLA 1

Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#10), Cincinnati (#17), Texas (#20), Tennessee (#21), Auburn (#23).

Double digit Pac-10 movement?! I am a lush! Cal goes plummeting thanks to back to back losses to the teams that beat the Trojans last year, and USC goes skyrocketing because of a beat down of lowly Notre Dame? I know, seems kinda weird but hear me out:

I still think Cal is scary good, but in two losses the big duo of Desean Jackson (Oregon State) and Nate Longshore (UCLA) each had epic misfires. Jackson’s no-show against the Beavers was particularly troubling since, well, he’s from another planet and as such ought to have used lasers and mind bullets and whatever else is available to the Martian Manhunter, including garish overalls. Cal’s stars just aren’t doing much.

So why does USC jump up so high after beating poor, poor Notre Dame into the ground? Two words: Mark Sanchez. I already said it and am completely unashamed: he makes me tingly.

LSU. Yeah, I know Ohio State didn’t lose. But they didn’t impress. I don’t know what to make of Les Miles’ gigantic testicles, but I do know that I’m impressed.

The bottom three: they’re all very much tenuous. Hawai’i has been free falling due to epic built up spiritual guilt at having initially placed them higher even though they’ve played no one and played them close. The fair catch that wasn’t was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen, but then again I’ve always loved cheaters so UConn makes its debut! And UCLA. Oh, UCLA. When the Bruins take a Xanax and maybe some bourbon they calm down enough to be good. And then they do things like lose to Wyoming and Notre Dame.

Alabama surprised the hell out of me. Having seen their offense live, I cannot believe they scored more than 40-points on what is apparently the worst Vol defense of all time. I still can’t believe they forced overtime against Georgia. Conclusion: Nick Saban is once again wearing a clown costume, haunting my nightmares.

Everything else was assembled by asking Shanna, the Virginia Tech football game score predicting cow. She is also a serviceable Scrabble partner.

Shanna, coincidentally, refuses to pick a BC-VT score until she finds out whether Tyrod Taylor is gonna play. I, on the other hand, feel perfectly fine saying that Thursday at Lane Stadium is a bad place to be for people not named Beamer. Virginia Tech 27, Boston College 20.

Cue that entrance.


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4 responses to “Blogpoll week 10? I seriously need to find out what week it is.

  1. I do hate that you had to witness that craptastic performance we churned out against Georgia. For two weeks (GA & FSU) we were complete suckage. I think they bought their own hype after the Arkansas win or something. Anyway, too bad we didn’t take down UGA that night so you could’ve witnessed a scene like this:

  2. Actually, homo, UCLA lost to Utah and Notre Dame. Not Wyoming, as you originally quoted. Get your Asian-hating states straight.

  3. Nico, not to worry: my visit to ‘Bama felt as complete as it could possibly be given that I ate BBQ nachos and heard someone yell “I hope Hurricane Katrina II comes to Georgia!”

    Spree: good point. But I’d say a loss to Wyoming would actually be less shameful this year.

  4. BeauDemon

    And you somehow find a way to make fun of Notre Dame for their only win of the season. I can’t wait till they beat Stanford, empirically proving their superiority to USC. Man law.

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