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No, not the cardinal and gold kind. I’m talking the ’08 kind.

I’m liking Ron Paul more and more, true, but man: think of the speech possibilities! My write-in vote is now decided.

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The College Football Hall of Fame

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Brutality and foul play should receive the same summary punishment given to a man who cheats at cards.” -Theodore Roosevelt, on the state of American football in 1905 when almost twenty fatalities brought the game to the nation’s attention.

“Rap music is the sound that ushers in the decade.” -Entry for the year 1990.

“The potential power of the game may be greater than the experience would suppose.” -Archibald MacLeish, accepting his award for something or other having to do with football. MacLeish was a Yale letterman in 1914 and 1915.

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