Blogpoll week of sobbing

Rank Team Delta
2 California
3 South Florida 1
4 Missouri 3
5 Ohio State
6 Boston College 3
7 Cincinnati 10
8 South Carolina 6
9 Arizona State 4
10 Oregon
11 Oklahoma 1
12 Hawaii 7
13 Illinois 3
14 Kansas 12
15 Boise State 10
16 Florida State 10
17 West Virginia 5
18 Virginia Tech 8
19 Indiana 7
20 Texas Tech 6
21 Wisconsin 13
22 Texas A&M 4
23 Kentucky 17
24 Auburn 2
25 Wyoming 1

Dropped Out: Southern Cal (#3), Florida (#11), Georgia (#15), Clemson (#18), Michigan State (#20), Rutgers (#21), Purdue (#23), Kansas State (#24).

This is the worse ballot ever. I don’t even want to talk about it, except two things:

Which of the two loss SEC teams to include? Certainly one of them needed conclusion. Georgia looked good until Fulmer decided he wanted to attack someone with a spiky club. Tennessee suffered two humiliating losses at the beginning of the season, and then now they’re steamrolling? Florida? With two losses in a row? Auburn it is. I think it goes without saying that Alabama and Mississippi State weren’t in the running.

Kansas or Arizona State: One of them doesn’t belong. Perhaps both. But, shit. Have you seen the rest of the Top 25?

The third thing I did not mention I would be mentioning: USC dropping out of the ballot completely is absurd, I suppose. But no one is reeling more, no one is injured more, and no one has looked worse in the past two weeks. And no one’s given up a 4th-and-20 to Tavita Pritchard.

Tavita? Yeah, Tavita.

Fuck. You said it.

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