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An apology

For anyone wishing to check out my Flickr account, the recently uploaded pictures – something like 130 of them – are not organized by date and time taken. Why? Because computers hate me. They think that because I’m Asian I should be diligent in defragmenting them and not spilling coffee on their keyboards, etc. Anyway, just to save you single minded folk out there the trouble…

Florida = best wang-shaped state ever. Mergz of Saurian Sagacity is pictured somewhere above – see if you can spot him. The rest of the pics are here.

I do have to apologize for one more thing: I’m at least three games behind in my chronicles. I’ll make up for this by becoming five games behind this Saturday after visiting Columbia, SC for Kentucky vs. South Carolina and then watching Virginia Tech take on Clemson in front of Howard’s Rock.

If you’re reading this and are from South Carolina and have a shower/bed/couch I can use, and if you know any females who would like to act as guides/bodyguards/etc., please feel free to email me. Also, I look forward to laughing as your bartenders empty mini-bottle after mini-bottle into my drinks.

Finally, I’d like to post this picture.

That’s Ricky Heckerson on the right. He’s a UF student right now. He was a teammate of mine at Temple City High School, which is in California, which is nowhere near Florida. We wrestled and played football together for several years. I met him again randomly at a house party after Florida lost to Auburn. I haven’t seen him in at least six years, but probably more like seven. I don’t believe in fate or anything remotely resembling predestination, but I can believe that the audacity of my trip has triggered a rippling in the harmonics of the universe.

If you’re a UF student who knows or recognizes Ricky, by the way, please give him shit for being photographed with a Coca-Cola bottle after a loss at the Swamp. Hel-lo. It’s called whiskey. C’mon, Rick.


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