Blogpollin’! With an apostrophe to denote casual, perhaps rural excitement!

Stupid me finally got around to asking Brian of mgoblog to enroll me in the Blogpoll. This is as good a season for me to do it as I will be seeing the vast majority of the Top 25 live, in person and with plastic cups full of substances in my hand[s]. And this I vow: to never, ever, ever vote sober.

And I will still whup on Stewie Mandel’s ballot every time, even if I am chewin’ on peyote buttons.

Chewin’ on peyote buttons! Rural! Bring on the jorts!

(Incidentally, it’s 1:17 Eastern and I finally got a ticket to USF-West Virginia-OMFG did that quarterback just pass?!-Battle for the Bucs’ Pirate Ship. Shout out to Kyle of and the USF athletic department. SHOUT!)

JORTS! I’m a bit excited, as you can tell. Three Top 25 teams in two days. I’m a grown man!


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2 responses to “Blogpollin’! With an apostrophe to denote casual, perhaps rural excitement!

  1. ramathorn

    Dude, do you have a job or are you on a 4 month sebatical, whatever it is how the hell do afford to go on a trip like this?

  2. Defender90

    Birkenstocks somehow detract from the Tebow mythology.

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