The South

… is awesome.


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8 responses to “The South

  1. ilium55

    wow you found the houdstooth twins!

  2. You didn’t even mention your first experience with sweet tea. I guess it’s hard to focus with those surroundings. There is nothing better than being in the south.

  3. No, sir. You are awesome.

  4. BeauDemon

    You’re not as cool as these pictures indicate.


  5. VD in TC

    You write too much. You should have more entries like this one. More pictures, less writing.

  6. Newspaper Hack

    Just wait until Columbia. More Cocks than you can shake a stick at.

    And booze. Lots.

  7. Enjoyed hosting you in Murfreesboro. Mmmm, Mmmmm- Goat.

    Hope your time in the South is a good one, and looks like it is.

    When you get back to Cali, you’ll be sure to add to your vernacular– ain’t, ya’ll, Shebvull, etc.

    Keep us up-to-date, my friend.

  8. Big wow. [yawn]

    Seriously, how old were those two chicks in that last photo? Combined age of 20?

    What’s the best thing about having sex with eighteen year-olds? There’s eighteen of them.

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