The siege of Fortress Europa continues

So, I’m back in Portugal. This necessitates several things: sun block, surfing, the halting and continuing half-assed Portuguese education I began a year ago, and a switch back to my original blog. At least for non-college football related posts.

Yes, that’s right: after almost half a year of non-original blogging, the triumphant return of that thing you never read hath returned! Please note that any logic discrepancies in my prose/grammar are due entirely to the backwards Portuguese keyboards and not, in fact, having any to do with lager. Which is tasty, but still subservient to ale.

Anyway, ciao, you American scum.


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3 responses to “The siege of Fortress Europa continues

  1. Defender90

    Greetings weary traveler. So yeah, I wonder if you’ve had the chance to find out what is up with Portguese phonetics, towhit, how in the h*ll is “Si” pronounced “Seeng”. Nchoiring mines want to no.

  2. Your Friend William

    Jesus christ man, it’s been three months. I don’t know how much longer I can go without reading an article comparing Big East coaches to characters from Labyrinth….

  3. BeauDemon

    Nothing on erasing Sooners wins even? WTF kind of punishment is that?!

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