USC Trojan Football Analysis: no longer a pipe dream

ArtofTroy is a semi-legend on the portions of the internets patrolled by cardinal and gold wearing maniacs. He dishes out thick prose, astute analysis, numbers, charts, pie graphs, strategery and strategery accessories and, occasionally, a delicious casserole or two. He is the epitome of, for lack of a better word, outstandellence.

College football message boards are creatures that operate at their peak between the months of August to February, or from the beginning of the season to the end of recruiting. Outside of that period they are unreadable, unapproachable and unhealthy. The only thing keeping them from completely sinking are handfuls of people like ArtofTroy: the kind who put forth posts so thoughtful, so professional, and so good they reduce the keening sorrow of our empty, broken, football-less lives by a fraction – not much, but just enough.

ArtofTroy now has a blog named USC Trojan Football Analysis. Pause for fanfare.

No, actually. This fanfare:

Yes, that’s Rome. Yes, the TMB rocks.

Anyway, there are plenty of USC football bloggers out there but I don’t think we have a Brian or an SMQ: the kind of guy who’s willing to crunch numbers and stare at zig zagging lines and actually go over snaps and plays, and then record them, and then provide helpful pictures and exploded diagrams. I’m talking he’s-got-beakers-and-Tesla-coils-back-there obsessed. From the looks of things over at Trojan Football Analysis, ArtofTroy is starting strong. And that means two things:

  1. In depth USC football analysis is no longer a pipe dream.
  2. I don’t have to pretend to be even remotely objective anymore. Huzzah!

A hearty welcome, Art.


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3 responses to “USC Trojan Football Analysis: no longer a pipe dream

  1. AO

    Fantastic site. Thanks!

  2. ArtofTroy

    Thanks Jonathan. That is very funny and much appreciated. Now if only I can get my wife to appreciate it this much! I’ll keep posting and see if it helps pass the doldrums until the football season finally arrives. All the best.


  3. I’m glad that I’m not the only person on earth outside of Colonial Williamsburg who still uses “Huzzah” in my vocabulary.

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