I got nuthin’

No new material. Instead: links.

Still no word from Tressel’s World. Diagnosis: malt liquor, quaaludes, cave.

Brian is furious, and there’s smashed Oreos and upended calipers to prove it. I don’t know per se that Brian is an Oreo kinda guy, but I get a kick imagining him reading an article about Michigan’s twelfth opponent and, just as he’s twisting off one half of a cookie, he spots the blurb about how “[The Wolverines] need eight home games in order to pay the bills”.

Both Black Shoe Diaries and There Is No Name On My Jersey have odes to Tony Hunt. I didn’t need to read them to feel better about my choice of Hunt as the first running back recipient of a Creedy, but occasionally it’s nice to put aside hatred and witness an un-affiliated fan’s unabashed love for another man and the way that man carries his ball.

Part one of Orson’s recruiting two-headed monster. Part two will undoubtedly include a Konami video game reference. Also by Orson: tattoos, and why you shouldn’t get them. That’s actually not what the thing is really about but after seeing yet another goddamned tribal tattoo and koi tattoo on the same person that’s what I’m stressing to the world. Stop it. Please. For the children.

We the college football fanatics of the world are now unfortunately well versed in trying to gather legal advice and knowledge – piecemeal and from sources that very often contradict each other – simply because our beloved rosters have been put in cuffs more times than we’d like to think about. Then there’s Cal fans. Yeah, Marshawn Lynch is dealing with the aftermath of extralegal affairs right now (could any man who does this commit evil? I’d like to think not), but I’m talking about Cal fans having to dig up lawyerish speak and rationale in confronting their latest problem: trees.

Yost likes tanks.

You really should read SMQ’s interviews with Arrelious Benn and Colt Brennan. Also: President Carpenter’s speech.

Provo Pride is conducting what has got to be one of the most impressive features I’ve ever seen: a player by player retrospective of every single BYU recruiting class of the past decade. ’96 and ’97 are already done, and 1998 is now being served. Revel in the admirable and scary obsessiveness. Just don’t count on Provo Pride making it all the way to 2006 before signing day, as originally advertised.

Conquest Chronicle takes a look at the latest iteration of Bushgate and concludes that everything is still status quo: nobody makes a move for the fence until the spotlight cycles through! Alright, maybe that’s not what they concluded but that’s my advice.

If there’s one thing I’m not tired of, it’s Auburn’s claim to the 2004 championship. Let me cue up a Dodge Ram commercial and grab me some McDonald’s because I’m lovin’ it! Bada-dah-DAH-dah.

loserwithsocks one ups the Emory and Henry. Florida hate still nearing Chernobyl levels, but might taper off soon to mere Three Mile. (Beat.) Nah.


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3 responses to “I got nuthin’

  1. I think I am in big trouble, but I doubt it.

  2. Wow Nick Saban. With you, Les Miles Ed Orgeron and urban “herban” Meyer, I will have pleanty to write about..

    El Senor Tu, we have a new writer. Check him

  3. Love the pics, but Saban is definitely not a mediocre coach. He’s gotta be one of the top three in the SEC right now, and I’m not so sure Richt or Spurrier are elite any more.

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