Seasonal Haiku: Post-bowl, pre-NLOI Day

I’m not the first to do a college football related haiku. There have been many, many others. I’m just the worst.


It’s easy as pie
Ma Teresa would leave, too
I’m gonna get paid
Adrian Peterson

Barely beat Wofford
And Augusta still no-go
Time for new visor?
Steve Spurrier

Hot damn, beat ‘SC
It’s contract extension time
Cue seven more L’s
Karl Dorrell

Good season, Satan
Planning almost completed
Last thing: Jade Monkey
Myles Brand

RoJo to Gainesville?
The ledge is cold but soothing
Go Big Blue swan dive!
My Michigan friend


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4 responses to “Seasonal Haiku: Post-bowl, pre-NLOI Day

  1. Your Friend William

    Losing Rojo would call for more than the simple jump off the ledge. If in fact Rojo is roped in by Urban Lie-yer (kekekeke), I’m totally sitting down in front of Schembechler Hall and Thich Quach Duc-ing myself (LINK)
    to protest for Carr’s resignation.

  2. Your Friend William

    Also—disappointed there is no haiku done in Orgeron-speak. Actually, Orgeron would probably exhaust 17 syllables to ennuciate just one word, so I guess its understandable.

  3. Orgeron does nay lend himself to the haiku well. The sestina, on the other hand…

  4. I actually tried sitting down and writing a sestina from the Orgeron’s POV using the words “shirt”, “fight”, “shrimp[s]”, “rip”, “lemsday” and “footbaw”. I am not joking. I now have a migraine.

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