Seasonal Haiku: Post-bowl, pre-NLOI Day

I’m not the first to do a college football related haiku. There have been many, many others. I’m just the worst.


It’s easy as pie
Ma Teresa would leave, too
I’m gonna get paid
-Adrian Peterson

Barely beat Wofford
And Augusta still no-go
Time for new visor?
-Steve Spurrier

Hot damn, beat ‘SC
It’s contract extension time
Cue seven more L’s
-Karl Dorrell

Good season, Satan
Planning almost completed
Last thing: Jade Monkey
-Myles Brand

RoJo to Gainesville?
The ledge is cold but soothing
Go Big Blue swan dive!
-My Michigan friend


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4 responses to “Seasonal Haiku: Post-bowl, pre-NLOI Day

  1. Your Friend William

    Losing Rojo would call for more than the simple jump off the ledge. If in fact Rojo is roped in by Urban Lie-yer (kekekeke), I’m totally sitting down in front of Schembechler Hall and Thich Quach Duc-ing myself (LINK)
    to protest for Carr’s resignation.

  2. Your Friend William

    Also—disappointed there is no haiku done in Orgeron-speak. Actually, Orgeron would probably exhaust 17 syllables to ennuciate just one word, so I guess its understandable.

  3. Orgeron does nay lend himself to the haiku well. The sestina, on the other hand…

  4. I actually tried sitting down and writing a sestina from the Orgeron’s POV using the words “shirt”, “fight”, “shrimp[s]”, “rip”, “lemsday” and “footbaw”. I am not joking. I now have a migraine.

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