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Hey Jenny Slater knows who’s who when the revolution comes

Doug’s been keeping tabs, and with five immaculately devastaing posts he says to the college football world: “You know who you are.” You may not agree with the entirety of his list of the 50 Most Loathsome People in College Football (f’rinstance, Colin Cowherd ought to be classified as more loathsome than #35, and I don’t really care about the inclusion of the nearly autistic Georgia “fanatic” BuLLdawg at #39) (also, I just linked to the top ten so click around a bit for the rest), but you have to admire the thoroughness of this compilation. It feels right, mainly because while reading it you threw up a little bit. In your mouth.

Acid… reflux… incapacitating us…

I’m a fan of Doug. He writes with the proper mixture of frustration, outrage, glee, malice, what-the-fuck-was-that, joy and utter confusion that is the birth right of every college football fan. (See #8 on his list.) As I mentioned already, Doug is one of those up for a 2006 College Football Blogger Award. Three, actually.

Did I say I’m a fan of Doug? Doug can go to Hell, that primadonna.


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2006 College Football Blogger Award Nominees

Joel has consolidated the list here. The nominees were released in batches across several blogs besides Rocky Top Talk, all of whom are in running for at least one award. It was a cool way to stagger the information during an otherwise boring day.

My nomination ballot is here. It’s incomplete, as I didn’t realize there were that many categories when I originally filled it out.

A big hand to all those involved, the nominees, the voters, the readers… and to Trev Alberts. We did it without you, and it was everything we thought it could be and more.

Keep on reaching for that dream/hamstring, Trev.

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