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Jeff Tedford, World’s Greatest Lover: Scouting the bar

By Jeff Tedford

Some people say that scouting bars is not a science, that you can’t quantify the quality, the measurables, the intangibles of the women at your local watering hole – and that even if you do “quantify” those very things, the numbers and data you’ve produced aren’t the whole story. Some people say that scouting bars is overrated.

Those people will never average 37.3 digits per weekend like I did in 2004. In Berkeley.

Listen up: scouting the bar isn’t a science, but neither is it voodoo. This is the world’s cruelest arena we’re talking about. I’m not here to give you guarantees or infallible formulas. Those things don’t exist in this environment. You’ve got to show up every day with your lunchpail and your time card or you’ll never get anywhere. There’s a million other guys out there who want your job, and they’ve got wingmen just like you do. I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy, because it won’t.

But I will tell you this: if you take the time to scout the bar, you’re enabling success for you and your team on Saturdays. Fridays and Thursdays, too.

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Hangin’ With Coker: Making The Best Out Of Every Day

By Larry Coker

Hey there, folks. It’s Larry Coker.

Today I want to talk about seizing the day. A little bit hokey, right? Haha. No, I’m not making fun of my good friend Frank Beamer and his Virginia Tech Hokies. I went 3-3 against them, which is pretty fair in my opinion. No need to bring that up.

No, I want to talk about making the best out of every day.

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