Erickson excited about new job, membership

TEMPE, AZ – Recently hired Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson is excited about his new job, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

“We have a first class football environment here at ASU,” Erickson gushed during a Thursday press conference.

“Great facilities, a passionate fanbase, membership in a first rate athletic conference [Pacific-10] and a commitment to excellence from the administration all the way down to the student trainers. I couldn’t be in a better position.”

Erickson is also excited about his new account with, the online resume and employment database. Erickson’s 20 year old nephew, Mike, signed him up for the service last week.

“ will allow me to find a better position,” Erickson enthused.

Erickson, above, was “overwhelmed” with’s features, particularly the resume builder

The fifty-nine year old coach is beginning his seventh tenure with a college team in twenty-five years. Erickson also coached a total of six seasons with two franchises in the NFL.

“I haven’t felt this much passion for a new job since my last job. I can’t wait to get started here at ASU. Recruiting, practicing, drawing up game plans… it’s all coming back to me now. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fresh start, and I intend to make the most out of it,” said Erickson, who until Dec. 12 coached at Idaho University before leaving for the Sun Devils. Erickson was with the Vandals a total of ten months.

ASU athletic director Lisa Love stressed a mutual commitment in Erickson’s hire.

“Make no mistake: this isn’t just a platform for Dennis to jump off to another, better head coaching job. Yes, he’s done exactly that eight separate times. He’s even abandoned teams after a single season on several occasions. But I am if nothing else a strict legaltarian, so Coach Erickson was made to pinkie swear with both pinkies,” Love said.

Both pinkies,” she added.

The well traveled coach expressed enthusiasm not just for his new job and account, but also for the overflow of disciplined young athletes in Tempe. Erickson stressed that with such a “strong” group all that’s needed is teamwork and “the proper technique”.

“To move in the right direction, we need to remember that the old saying holds true: lift with your legs, not your back’,” said Erickson. “If they heed my advice, I really believe these kids are going to help me transition smoothly.”

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